IOS Roon app crashes on search

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus +, 8gb ssd

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet, etherregen

iOS control via Wi-Fi

Connected Audio Devices

Linn Klimax dsm

Number of Tracks in Library

5.5 tb

Description of Issue

Both my iPhone and IPad IOS apps crash when entering a search. I think it’s happening as soon as Roon queries the database to start auto-populating the suggestions drop down.

This is new behavior as of this morning. Roon still plays music.

iOS Roon build 918
Nucleus 913

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It was the build mismatch. The nucleus auto update thing failed.

I rebooted, updated and now it works.

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Today I have the same problem, every time I try a search, it crashes.
Using iPad app with Roon on Innuos server. Not very technical, didn’t understand your comment on build mismatch. Never had this before today .
Any suggestions?

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Come on Kev… finish typing :rofl:

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I think he meant that the Core and remotes should all be on the same update, so in this case b918.
You can check the version in settings:about.


Stupid phone doesn’t understand my luvverly English accent most of the time :sweat_smile:

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Had this Scotsman earlier trying to fix some electrical issue in the flat and he started dictating notes using Siri on the iPhone. He started moaning cause “she” did not really understand him. Was hilarious!

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As the Hammer said, go to settings>about. Notice the remote and core sections at the top. You should see the version and build info in those sections. My remote was 918 and my core was 913. The core said that update had failed.

Using the Roon Core web interface (using your browser, navigate to the IP address in parenthesis next to the name of your core). Scroll down to Roon Server Software and click restart and Ok on the dialog.

Give it a few minutes to restart and then go that about page in the remotes Settings again. You should see it updating. When it’s done, you should get a little update window at the bottom of the Roon remote interface. It’ll reboot again and hopefully everything will work again.

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Thanks a lot very helpful. Just as I turned it on again there was a notice that an update was available. Installed that and now searching is fine
Many thanks

My pleasure.

Seems like a potential bug if we both had the update fail problem.

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