iOS Roon Client startup unexpectedly interrupts other app's playback

Let’s say you have music playing on your iPhone in another app like Youtube Music. When you start Roon, it pauses playback from the other app. Roon should not stop other apps from playing audio, until you play something in Roon to the iPhone endpoint.

say you do the same thing with tidal or Spotify does it stop the youtube stream?

YouTube, YouTube Music, Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music don’t do this. Tidal used to do this during its early days, but they fixed it after I (and possibly others) filed a bug report. It is possible Roon is violating an Apple guideline here. Regardless, as a “good citizen” of the app universe, I think no app should do this :slight_smile:.

Hello @hacker19, and thanks for this report! I have also reproduced this behavior on Android and have consulted our team for further input. I’ll return once I have their feedback.

Hi @hacker19,

Thanks for the report! I just wanted to let you know that, for the current implementation of how we play back on iOS, this is expected. We are always looking to do better here, though, so I’ve passed your feedback along to our team to see what we can improve in the future.

Thanks again!

Thanks @dylan.

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