iOS Scrolling Enhancement

It sure would be nice if Roon on phones could do this. Scrolling through the library is so very slow now.

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Hi - it’s possible to do this. Once you start scrolling there’s a grey bar on the right. Drag this up or down and you can scroll to a letter quickly.



Thank you. I tried it last night, and couldn’t get it to work. Today, it works. Maybe I increased the conductance of my thumb overnight.

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I would like to have setting to disable the scroll bar. I’ll just be on an artist page where there’s not a lot of scroll and accidentally hit the side scroll bar and quickly scrolls me back to the top since it scrolls the opposite of the normal iOS scrolling. I don’t remember having this issue before 1.8 but it’s terrible. I need to learn how to scroll with my left hand instead if they don’t fix this.

When I just looked the bar is much longer on the artist page than on the album page, so it’s much easier to hit. There is no scroll bar when you’re on just an single album. Don’t really know why they added to artist page.