iOS vs Allo in this setup?

Danny, I have a question for you. Last night I moved from a single Core to a Core and endpoint using a MacMini as the endpoint. Btw, it works very well! So the Signal Path is Roon Core via ethernet—>Roon endpoint MacMini—>S/PDIF Halide Bridge---->BelCanto Dac3. I’m curious if you think it would be better to have an Ethernet-enabled endpoint like the Allo DigiOne as opposed to a streaming endpoint via iOS? iOS sounds pretty darn good, so wondering what the advantages are of using an ethernet to USB to S/PDIF endpoint?

where is the iOS in your system?

iPad Mini connected via camera adaptor connected via Halide USB to S/PDIF bridge on my BelCanto Dac3.

You mean macOS, that’s what runs on a Mini. iOS is for phones and tablets.

That’s why Danny is asking where iOS is on your system.

BTW - I have run from a Mini endpoint and from an RPi endpoint. Probably no difference, at least that I can hear.

My bad, meant to say I’m using an iPad mini as a Roon endpoint!

You’re using an iPad as an endpoint!? By all means, upgrade to something better.

I’ve been testing it and it works very well! You say upgrade but curious as to the rationale. Likely I will to the AlloDigiOne but I’ve heard no dropouts, the processor speed is very good and its got clean power.

No particular reason, just have to believe you’d be better served by an Allo. Never tried or even considered using iOS device as an endpoint.

It seems like a hassle to hook/unhook an iOS device every time you want to listen to music and if you dedicate an iOS device it seems like a waste of a tablet.

If you’re happy, I’m happy.:neutral_face:

iOS as endpoint sounds great. Don’t…“by all means, upgrade to something better.” This is a pointless recommendation. My iPad/iPhone as end points were better than any direct Mac/PC connection I’ve tested. I have also tried RPi, SOtM endpoints. There is no reason to spend extra money at least not unless you want to try something that re-clocks/re-generates your USB signal…like I have settled on. iOS as endpoint is a brilliant solution and not to be marginalized.

Interesting comment, since I bought an SMS-200 from you. Are you saying an iOS device as endpoint is just as good as that tx-USBultra that you bought to replace the SMS-200?

In other words, upgrading to something better.

Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, yes?

The real problem with iOS endpoints, IMHO.