iOS worse than before

That’s great for you. But is there any help from this to those affected other than to delegitimise their claims? From the other side of the fence: It’s real :confused:

Could these issues be down to the interaction between the Roon app and another piece of software that’s causes issues? Then the common link/answer might be found in the other apps running on the phone? Just a thought, but I’ve seen similar issues in the past.

I’ve waited a couple days before posting again to test.

My wife’s iPhone 8 with same version OS has always been solid and that has not changed. Mine has gotten remarkably better since forcing the rock core to take the update, I’m not exactly sure how many revisions behind it was.

From being completely unusable to only crashing once in the hours of use I put it to. The one crash I noticed was after I put the phone down so not a 100% resolution but I can at least use the app for a given amount of time to search, play, change volume on the first try at the app.

Maybe recheck your SW version on the core like me. After accepting the updates in the past, the core never asked me again to update so I assumed they were done when they were not, It may help.


You’re missing the point and it’s not an excuse as I don’t work for Apple.

Does every one of your devices have exact copies of everything on or do you have different apps / content on some than others.

It’s down to interactions between software stacks. All I’m saying is that with the increasing levels of security and ongoing battles between the platform companies it could be something to look at.

I only have one iPhone. It’s not working: Roon crashes a lot.
I have one iPad. It is working: Roon does not crash a lot.
Not quite sure what else to add.

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Same. iPhone XS.

Well trash my earlier theory about mismatched versions. Last night after an hour or so of listening the app crashed 3 times in about 20 seconds. I closed all apps down and also shut down and fresh reboot of the phone but crashed again a bunch of times. I gave up and launched Roon on the computer.

my March 30 support post hasn’t been replied to.

the difference in software you have on each?

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That’s where I’d be looking or some unusual setting or combination of settings.

and BTW please don’t read this as if I’m defending anything - the fact I had to rebuild my iPhone from scratch and NOT do a backup (therefore starting again) drove me mad for several weeks. Just saying that sometimes Apple can get all confused with all the different apps and platforms and especially if you have one iOS working and one not, it could be something with how all the bits of the phone play with each other that’s all.

Back everything up to your desktop (not iCloud) and try a complete reset and erase all… then try adding in Roon as an app from the App Store and see if it’s the same.

If it runs (like mine did) there may be something not playing nicely together. Mine (I think) was Devolo power lines and Hue lights, but I’m still not sure. All work fine now and I’m slowly building back all the things I forgot I’d had on there in the past.

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Thought about that. But Roon remote literally is the only App crashing this awkwardly. Rebuilding the iPhone from scratch would be a pain in the back. Especially when it comes to online banking apps and other auth. sensitive things.

I know, and it was, just offering up a solution that may (or may not) work. if you do the full backup (wired not your iCloud) it’s pretty simple to put everything back

I see there is a couple of non Apple tools around to handle single app restore (or even a more granular level). Any recommendations?

Hey @Gino,

Thank you for creating this thread and letting us know iOS issues are still ongoing. Also, I wanted to apologize for the incredible delay in getting back to you.

If you had a chance to browse on community at all, you might have found that our technicians are collecting specific information from the affected users. Could you please join in?


Hello, on iOS and iPadOS, it’s very boring: when we browse a list of selected albums, if we open one, when we go back, we find the beginning of the list instead of staying where the album was.

Hey @Didier_Duvanel,

Thanks a lot for letting us know of this. It is a bug we’re aware of: