IOS11 flac support

Sounds like IOS11 may support flac?
Pure speculation but would this get us closer to Roon streaming?


Here’s a link that’s a little more how-to, at least as far as the first developer preview of iOS 11 goes. Not entirely straightforward, certainly not completely integrated. Who knows what it will look like by the time of the official release this fall?

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Not really roon related but I do use the ha-1 with roon via usb as a dac on my pc or Mac and it can also be used in android as a roon device I think too.

I better go check this out as I’m on iOS 11 beta now on my ipad. I currently use the Onkyo HF player and this works well…even plays back DSD and is great with my OPPO HA2 portable DAC/Amp

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