iOS13.4 issues iPad lost zone and app crashing

Has anyone experience any issues with Roon running on iOS 13.4? Since the update, I can’t see my previously configured and working iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) when I try to find a zone. I try to re-configure the iPad in settings and the app crashes. Wondering if this is due to the new update of if I have another problem. Thanks.

Addendum: I can see the ipad if I unplug my dac from it before opening the app. After Roon recognizes the iPad I can plug the DAC (Drop LCS+SDAC) in and it works. I’m gonna try w/ my Hugo 2 as well.

I had similar issues after updating my iPad Air 2 to 13.4.

I temporarily lost my 218 plus a Chromecast
After a reboot of my PC running the Roon core all came good.

Mine seems fine post update. iPad Air 2019.