IP address Hint does not work on iPhone app during Core search

Hi, folks. I’m using the iPhone Roon app. iPhone=7 Plus, running iOS 12.

Accessing my network via the VPN and trying to connect to Core. The app proceeds searching for Core, and after a minute or so of not finding it, I’m clicking on the Hint link and entering the Core IP. Still the app is unable to find it.

I can ping the IP and reaching it without any issues on the device.

There are really 2 issues here:

  1. Roon can not locate Core on the local network
  2. The Hint IP is not being used - or not used properly

On Macbook, similar use case, but it works. Connecting to my network via the VPN, and starting macOS Roon app. Roon locates the Core right away. No problem.

Hello @xred,

Thanks for contacting support regarding this issue. VPNs are known to cause issue with multicast and our RAAT protocol and as such, we do not officially support VPNs. Generally speaking, when you use a VPN this causes the device to use a different subnet than the Core.

There have been some users who have managed to get Roon to work through a VPN (Remote connection via VPN - [Resolved] but ongoing discussion) but it has required special settings to be made and is not officially supported. I hope this helps, but please let me know if Roon does not appear to be working as expected without using the VPN.