iPad 12.9 256GB for Roon use

Fellow Roonies

About to purchase a 12.9 iPad Pro 256GB wifi + cellular
I know it can be used as a giant remote with the Roon installed on my Macs, but is there a way to run Roon on the giant iPad?

Has anyone tried using Parallels or some other OS simulator to run OSX on an iPad with Roon in mind?
Seems like the wonderful speakers in the 12.9 iPad Pro would be a great portable vessel for Roon.

Thanks in advance


The only way you can use an iPad with Roon is as a Roon Remote. You cannot use it for Roon Core, or as a Roon Ready endpoint.

What thyname said. You can only use ipads as a Roon remote to control the actions of the core. Doesn’t matter if its the pro or air version. The ipad pro 12.9 will make a great remote though.

During the last trip to Asia, I had Roon loaded on a Macbook Pro and the ability to play music using Roon on the road was wonderful.
The sound from the iPad Pro actually beats the speakers of my Macbook Pro, hence the motivation and my question…

Thanks folks.