iPad 32 bit control app [possible using RoonAPI]

A little app for controlling play/stop, volume up and down would be nice…
I hate dumping my old iPad which still works perfectly for everything I need…


Hi Tony,

The Roon App requires hardware support for OpenGL ES 3.0 and that only comes with the later iPads.
Roon did produce a simplified iPhone version but again it does require OpenGL ES 3.0 support.

This [Knowledge base page] (https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_What_are_the_minimum_requirements%3F) lists the supported hardware.

Have you consider selling your iPad and use the funds towards say an iPad Air 2? That’s what I did, though next year I’m tempted to get a iPad Pro with the 12" screen which is awesome for running the Roon GUI on.

Hi Carl,

Thanks for the tip…
It is not a question about money…I hate dumping things or updating things wich still works fine…
But maybe I have to reconsider this…:slight_smile:

Merry xmas…

Not running Roon is not ‘working fine’ in my book… :wink:

Joking aside – iPads capable of running Roon are showing their age (the iPad 2 will be six years old in march). It’s always a tough to balance older hardware and modern software. @Carl’s suggestion is a solid one; the iPad Air 2 has dropped to an attractive price point since the introduction of the 9,7" iPad Pro’s – and it’s more than capable of running Roon Remote.

and happy new year.

Or better still, sell it to buy a Pixel C, currently on offer, which offers an even better view of Roon and plays back the music too :grinning:

@Tony_De_Lobelle I agree with what you are saying, as I have an iPad 4 which still runs well for most things, except Roon.

FYI: I have a nexus 5 and nexus 7, 3 laptops, a desktop…on all these devices Roon control is possible…
But the device I use the most is my iPad…

It’s highly likely basic control apps for older iPads, or web apps, will appear once the API is released. So we might all be in business, thanks to this lovely community once someone writes one I’m sure we’ll all be able to share. :slight_smile:

There’s a remote control app called Real VNC that runs on my iPad and my MacMini Core. (And also on my iMac Remote).

I use it to control Roon, among other things, by controlling the Core. It ain’t perfect but it works.

It takes a little to get used to but I like being able to control the Roon Core and the other MacMini functions like a reboot, checking the backups, etc.

My iPad 2 is too handy to discard and other than Roon, it handles everything I need right now in a tablet. If you haven’t tried a remote control program on your iPad, I suggest it.


we arent going to do this, but anyone else can using the Roon API that is coming in 1.3.