iPad Air (1), is it impacting on Roon performance?

I’m getting quite a few crashes and scrolling can be jerky and I can often find myself at the end of a page where I’ve overscrolled due to apparent unresponsiveness.

So is an 8 year old iPad at the limit of what will seamlessly work for Roon or am I looking at some other issue?

My iPhone X does not have any of these issues but I don’t know how comparable both apps are.

Basically I don’t want to get a new shiny iPad only to find out the issues I’m having are elsewhere.


Hi John,

I run a iPad Air 2 and it’s rock solid with Roon. That said even my Air 2 is showing its age as it’s feels sluggish when using other apps. so I am considering getting new iPad Pro.

Would it be possible to invite a friend round that has a current iPad so you can trial it and put you concerns to rest?

Good suggestion, I bought an Air 2 for the mother-in-law a few years ago, I suppose I could borrow that for an evening.




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I can attest that I had an original iPad mini and got to the state where it was just nearly useless for anything.
Way too sluggish and generally unresponsive.
I upgraded to a much newer iPad mini4 and what a revelation!
Roon has never been so fast and all other apps too like Google, Discogs, web browsers.
Everything just much snappier.

So unless you desire to go brand new I don’t think you really need too…just newer…lol
Think I paid $270 for my mini4 on fleabay maybe 6 months ago and worth every single cent!

Oh and it handled the recent update to iOS 15 with no sweat.


Also bear in mind that with old iOS devices Apple may have implemented performance throttling as the batteries degrade. Not saying that’s the issue here, it is most likely just more demanding OS/apps struggling to run on the older hardware. I have an iPad Air 2 and it runs Roon ok, but I wouldn’t say it is buttery smooth!


Hi John,

Like you I have the original ipad air and like you experienced crashes and jerky scrolling.
Apparently I moaned about it that much (don’t remember that!) a new ipad air appeared for my birthday, this was quickly upgraded to the latest ipad pro and all is well again, super quick loading of album art, no crashes and buttery smooth scrolling.


I’ve got a ipad pro and iphone 13 pro max and its a total stuttery laggy mess

Hi @james_macdonald1,

That’s most likely related to the performance of the machine the Roon Core is running on rather than the tablet / phone … it will be interesting to hear if you still experience this once your Roon Core hardware has been updated.

(For reference, I run an iPad Air 2 128GB iPadOS 15.2, it’s getting on a bit now but still runs Roon just fine, core is an i7, 16GB RAM running Windows 10).

I had an iPad Air 1 and found the same. Since switched to an iPad Air 4 and no crashes, plus snappier without the choppy scrolling. Doesn’t make everything perfect but it was a pretty significant improvement.

Edit. Just realised this is an old thread. Did you ever resolve it?

As for the choppy scrolling on an iPhone 12. I’ve had that as a bug a while back but it went with one of the updates.

Yeah I went for an iPad Pro and it’s so much better, so much quicker and smoother with very little wait time coming back to the app.


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Seriously, how is a 6core i5 9500 4.4ghz 8gb ram nve 256 not fast enough,its definitely a roon issue

Wild guess but how new is your wifi network? If you have a relatively newer wifi network then the old iPad may be being de-prioritized as a slow device. Lots of changes and advancements in wifi over the past decade which allows for more devices to maintain high speeds together but they all need to support the newer protocols.

I used Samsung and I didn’t get any problem with Roon.

I use ampli hd as wired access points,I even connected a usb gigabyte adapter to my ipad pro jst to rule out wifi issues,it dosent seem to affect everybody,but alot of users experience alot of stutter on the remote app especially the newer iphone

I use an iPad Air 2 on a strong network with a small Roon db on a NUC running ROCK.

Performance of the iPad Air 2 is very poor. However, I also get poor scrolling performance on an iPhone XS, which is much newer.

I am always suspicious of the reliance on the Xamarin framework for iOS development. Their lack of support for basic iOS features (magic keyboard touch pad being the poster child for this) is a constant source of disappointment.

I really hope their next update focuses on bringing the software up to standard rather than agonising over the new font colours… failure to do that will only reinforce my growing feeling that they are hobbyists failing to do what is needed rather than simply doing what they can.

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I fear the iPad Air 1 is falling into complete obsolescence as part of Apple"s grand plan. More and more websites (including this one) are proving to be problematic. Anything with those awful intrusive pop-up ads will barely run at all. That said, Roon seems reliable as long as you don’t expect uber-snappy performance. (Makes a nice quick-and-dirty headphone zone too with appropriate cans- lovely with Sennheiser HD-25 SP-II.)

More and more I’m leaning on my Android 8 Leonivo Yoga tablet, which runs Roon well (but the odd 16:9-ish display and lower resolution means it’s not as nice as the Air), but web-browsing on it actually works.

I’ve probably got to sell that kidney and buy the 12.9" iPad Pro I really want!


Hi James, I agree that i5 should be fine (caveat for larger libraries >200K tracks I’d suggest 16GB RAM) … but, based on linked post below, I thought you were currently running Roon on an Celeron based Lenovo M73 and were still in the process of migrating to the Dell Optiplex. My apologies if I have mis-understood.