iPad Air 2 is it a good remote for large collection

I had my heart set on a surface pro which is out of my budget I did a post in the android section but sadly cant find a decent Android tablet at around the £300 mark so now I’m looking at the iPad Air 2, would this be a good remote to handle 500,000 tracks?

I’m nearly ready to purchase a lifetime membership, it’s been a long process saving up for a system which consists of a i7 Skylake, SSD for Windows 10 and Roon server, 16 gig RAM, storage on USB3 attached WD Duo hard drives.

Your input and help is always welcome.
Thank you

I don’t think the remote matters too much as its just that - a remote. your core will be the bottleneck but i7 should be OK in that config.

just be sure the iPad is at least an air 2 and you should be fine. most iOS devices in the last year or 2 will be ok - I think the specs need 64bit iOS installed

My iPad Air 2 works just fine, of course your pain might be more focused on the budget but if you have other uses for it then other factors will come into play like LTE/3G4G support etc.

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I have ipad pro and ipad air 1. The ipad pro is way faster than the original version ipad air. The ipad air 2 will fall somewhere in between with respect to processor speed, and more than ample as a Roon remote.

If you can swing it, you’ll like the speed of the ipad pro, but the ipad air2 should work acceptably.

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For an intensive app like Roon, I’d guess the available RAM also plays a part in the perceived performance:

iPad Air: 1GB
iPad Air 2 / Pro 9,7": 2GB
iPad Pro 12,9": 4GB

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iPad Air 2 will be more than fine.

I have a Surface pro and an iPad air and nearly always pick up the iPad for Roon duty.



thanks guys for info and help,the ipad air 2 it is then.


Are you going to use the iPad as a dedicated Roon remote or will it also be used for other stuff (email, browsing, FB etc?)
If its going to be multi-use and you’re preferred OS is iOS then iPad it is.
If you’ll be using it just for Roon and you still prefer iOS then make sure you set it up to always have Roon open and never sleep as the iOS Roon app can quite often loose connection with the core if you move to another app or let the iPad sleep. This is totally a first world problem of course.
I’ve tried Android and Windows remotes and both have better re-connect performance with Windows being a clear leader.

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My iPad reconnects pretty much every time I open it even if it’s running in the background…but it’s seldom more than a second or so and its right where I left it.

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yes its going only going to be used as a remote,i am only a windows user pc wise i was looking for the best option in my budget for a remote tablet my first option was a surface pro which are out of my budget unless the surface 3 comes down in price at xmas as i think i new model is due.i dont know of any other good windows tablets in my budget of around £300 mark.

Actually, you should look at Android. Android tablets can be their own endpoint so you could just plug headphones into them and listen.

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are there any good android tablets in my budget i see a lot of chinese makes or is it best to stick with samsung,i did have a old samsung tab which was ok but not upto roon,not sure what other makes i should be looking at?

Two in that price range are on the older side so you might find good deals on them. Several Devs used to use Google’s Nexus 9, I currently use a Samsung Tab S2 9.7" but the 8" would be okay as well depending on the screen size you wanted.

i was looking at getting a 10" or larger im also looking at 2nd and ones,people are selling surface pro 3 12" windows tablets for around the £400 mark for the bottom intel m processor would this be ok if i could stretch that far?

thank you for your reply

It should be fine as a remote.

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could you please tell me the model number of your samsung tab s2 9.7,ive been lookig for a used one and there seem to be a few s2 with different model numbers.


Sure. I’ll be back and re-edit when I’ve had a chance to verify that info.

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