iPad and iOS 12

(Henry) #1

What are the views on this, particularly on the more mature hardware. After experiencing the joys of my gen 3 iPad getting progressively slower with each big upgrade I am reluctant to do the same with a (new to me) iPad Pro 9.7. Has anyone got anything of similar vintage and has it had any negative effects?

(Binky) #2

iPad Pro 9.7 here and it’s working flawlessly for me. No slowdows as the iPad Pro is a quite recent CPU. Anything older might suffer, but I’m very happy with mine running iOS 12 :slight_smile:

(Marco) #3

I have a five year old iPad Air (first generation) and iOS 12 runs very well on it.
No real speed improvement, but no issues either.

(OuYang, Ming-Kang) #4

iOS 12 runs much much better on my iPad mini 2 than iOS 11 & 10. Also the response of Roon Remote is smoother so I decide to keep it.

(Chris ) #5

Works fine on my iPad Pro. Upgraded last night. A couple of extra apps appeared I’ll probably never use so had to tidy up a bit. That’s it…

(Henry) #6

Cheers for your input guys. Upgrade done and it is as slick as ever!