iPad and iPhone can not find Core

All of a sudden (as of September 14) the same thing is happening on my iPad Pro and on my iPhone 8plus, never had an issue. Both the iPad and iPhone can no longer find the Core. I toggled the “accept connections from remotes” which allowed the I devices to find the Cire but they were unable to make the connection.

Could it be the recent ios update to Version 13.7?

After 2 hours connection to the Core has been restored, go figure.

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Me again. Both iPad and iPhone failing to connect again in the morning.

This is a new occurrence after a few years of trouble free connecting, which typically takes a few seconds, now no remote connection.

My network has not changed at all (Eero router). The only change is a recent iOS update.

Hello @Tom_Prychitka,

It’s best to have one user per troubleshooting thread so that we can focus on specifics, so I’ve split your post into it’s own thread.

Are your iOS devices still on the same network subnet as the Core?
Do you have any firewalls which you recently installed on the Core?

No new firewalls, please help me with your question regarding subnet, not sure where to look

Hello @Tom_Prychitka, you can follow this guide to check if your devices are on the same subnet.

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