iPad app 1.8 crashes on “Settings”

I have upgraded everything to Roon 1.8.
Works fine.
But when in the Roon app on the iPad I tap on the Settings main menu item the app crashes immediately.

Roon iPad app version 1.8.00748
iOS 14.4
iPad mini 5th generation

Both in landscape and in portrait mode.

Yes. En mi caso pasa lo mismo.

It works fine on my iPhone. So it seems an iPad specific problem.

I’m the opposite. On my phone, open Settings > About = instacrash. Restarting the app results in repeated crashes of the app even without interaction. Restart of the phone fixes it. I was unable to reproduce the issue on my iPad!

Problem gone after upgrade to 1.8.00756

Problem with iPad language “German” solved. Since there’s build 756 entering settings works fine!

Thnx Roon Team!
Thomas :grinning: