iPad app crashing and losing it's way [fixed]

  1. Last night I’m cruising around artists and albums, listening to songs to see if the version of the album I have is a compressed remaster or “Easy on the Ears”. I was in the app for a couple hours. In that time I had at least 10 hard crashes. I was aggressively browsing my collection in that 2 hour time span.

  2. I’ll be cruising through the artist list like I mention above, when I find albums I deem “Easy on the Ears” I add a tag named just that. 80% of the time when I go back to the Artist list it remembers where I am. For some reason at least 20% of the time it takes me back to the beginning of the artist list. This is rather annoying when you have over 3000 artists. I tried recognizing a pattern that would make it happen, but couldn’t.

I own an iPad Air 2. I’m running version 1.1.102 of the app. I looked for hard crash logs on the iPad, but I didn’t see any in the diagnostics section that relate to Roon.

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Hi Jeff,

I’ll shift this into Support for some individual attention. I’m running 1.102 on a Mini 3 and it’s crashed about twice in 4 months. You’ve got a reasonably sized library and the crashing and intermittent non-persistence could be resource issues. Let’s ask @mike what he thinks.

Missed this @DrTone – can you still reproduce? Let me and @vova know and we can get you instructions for dumping iPad logs to us.

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble!

I canned most all my library and started with a hundred or so albums and it crashed once on me yesterday after. I still don’t have a repeatable pattern but I’m pretty sure it will happen again.

Just PM’d you. Get us some logs and we’ll take a look @DrTone. Thanks!

I’ve been having the same issue. Crash after crash. iPad 2 16GB running version 9.2. 3,000 albums. Running Roon client with, MacMini running Roon server

I will get logs, just don’t have speakers right now. Waiting for my new Wilson Sabrinas to show up.

Whatever you guys did in 1.2 you can mark this thread solved. It’s rather stable now, knock on wood.

Thanks for letting us know @DrTone!