iPad app freeze following clicking endpoint gear settings

From the playing now Queue on the iPad Air 2, when clicking the gears to get to the endpoint settings, the resultant popup window cannot be closed again in any way. When clicking any other option (for example the full screen icon), the screen goes dim. Then the popup can be closed by clicking outside it, but the app then freezes (bottom play button part still updated but not responsive) and only a forced quit can recover this.

Mine isn’t as extreme, the only way to get the pop-up to go is to clip back down in the “playing now” window at the bottom. Clicking elsewhere has no effect. Even if I click on a track the gears pop-up stays.

I think doing that also crashes the app in my case - will check tonight. BTW I meant the top right gear box, when zoomed into the now playing track.

No crashes anymore yesterday evening, nor today - all good now :slight_smile: