iPad app - Keyboard Shortcut support

Bought an IPad Pro mainly as Roon Remote, which is awesome!

I use it some of the time with the smart keyboard attached

Would be great if u can add support to the shortcuts of the desktop version, in the app as well

since i’m used to the shortcuts on the desktops version, it’s strange & uncomfortable when i use the ipad with the keyboard (which could be a perfect living-room Roon remote experience - ipad+keyboard)

  • it would be great if you can also support the arrows keys as well , as it works on the desktop



I second this recommendation.

+1 for this suggestion.

Yes please!!!


Even better would be support for the rew/play/pause/fwd keys on the Logitech Create physical keyboard for the iPad!

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And for the Logitech Slim Folio keyboard for the iPad 2017! :smile:

I’m just about to purchase the 12.9 inch iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard and was wondering what shortcuts would be available for Roon. Sounds like none at this time…is that correct?

None right now. And we will never know when because they don’t tell us when its ready or if they are working on it. So we just have to wait.

+1 for this. I’m constantly flicking to the iPad app and command-Up/Down to do DSP volume!

Came across this thread in my search to see what keyboard shortcuts Roon supports on ipadOS.

+1 for support of keyboard shortcuts especially for volume up, down, play, pause, previous and next. Would be very handy if there was also a shortcut to turn DSP on or off to make A/B testing things like convolution filters more convenient.

Shortcut support would be nice as well as trackpad support on Magic Keyboard

Ummmm… yes, please and thank you.