iPad App: make the black a blacker black

the headline says it all. The black in the app is more a dark grey.

Turn down the brightness on your iPad.

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Yeah Mike, I’m not that untalented. The Naim-app and the Tidal-app haven’t got that grey. They have that „blacker“ black.

It’s not only iPad but all remote apps. I would like “blacker” black too!

Not at all grey on mine, but to each his own!

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I agree, forgot grey and go full black.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to provide theme colour control to allow any user to customise the colours to their liking?


Second that

I actually prefer that it’s not 100% black, which allows album covers that are black (which there are a lot) you can still see the edges. Secondly this allows Roon to be different from other music apps which I like.

Everyone is going to have different preferences.
It is impossible to please people.

It would be better to request theme customisation feature, allowing customisation of theme colour, and home page objects.

This has been requested for the main desktop app since the last UI overhaul (and probably before that) after the purple/orange museum theme appeared.
IOS apps don’t seem to have any theme/skin customisation in general (none of the apps I use do anyway). So perhaps this is something that Apple don’t allow or maybe a paid-for option with some apps?

More themes please! I agree with the comment above about black album covers with a 100% black background, but a couple more choices would quell many of these sort of requests, and the mechanism is already there.

Once you’ve had black, there’s no going back! :crazy_face:

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