iPad app not powering off Meridian Endpoint


As per the title, the iPad app does not power off either of my zones, ID41 and MS600, I am sure it did when I first installed it? Nothing has changed in my system setup or configuration, at least not to my knowledge, not a big problem but thought it best to flag it.


Update, moved to Roonserver and have not seen the issue since, may have been resources issue on the server?


Roon, both on my mac and iPad no longer turns off my Meridian endpoints like it used to. What happened?

Hi John

3 years later, I have been waiting patiently for a reply :grinning: are all the Meridian endpoints up to date? You can run Sooloos config on a Windows pc and as long as the Meridian endpoints are powered on they will be updated if necessary.


I just tested, Roon offers a power switch near the zone volume control and it does work to turn things off, although I had to click a few times.

But note that this applies only to the network input, not USB.

I just tested again and I had to press the off button over a dozen time. Finally worked. Why so unreliable? This used to work immediately every ime.