iPad app requests

Overall the ipad app is really great! I do have a few remarks though :smile:

  • reconnecting screen . For me everytime I open the app I’m greeted with the message “Lost connection trying to reconnect” this is only displayed for a second or two yet it becomes anoying . How about just having a “loading” icon

  • ipad not able to be used for music playback. Would love to be able to plug in headphones.

  • ipad screen not synchronised with Roon core screen. I expected to be able to pick up the ipad and continue with what I was doing on my mac

  • when I scroll through artists sometimes the pictures are not loaded yet and a red rectacle is shown. Also this is only for a second or so

Oh and “one more thing”; where’s the ios section of this forum ??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi Stevev1,

My 2c worth:

  • reconnecting ocurs because iOS aggressively puts apps to sleep to
    preserve battery life. I prefer “lost connection” as an error message
    to “loading” because it’s more descriptive of what’s happening;
  • ipad zones are coming with RoonSpeakers. Roll on gardening with
    Bluetooth headphones !;
  • Remotes are independently usable with different profiles etc. and can
    play into different zones, so enforced synching to the core seems
    undesirable. It might work well as an option though;
  • haven’t seen this myself. I’m sort of cheek by jowl to my router
    though, how far from your iPad to the router when this happens ?
  • an iOS section is a good idea. I’d say it was a necessity to maintain
    equal rites, but the Android peeps do seem to have more problems than
    iOS so understandable …



Indeed I want to take my iPhone outside and listen to all my music. And the cappebillity to set the bitrate! That’s the most imported thing. If my account almost stops and this isn’t realized
I will quit using Roon. Safely but I hate it to use multiple apps fore my music and have and have to make different libraries…

I don’t care if the fault is an apple aprovement ore what else. Roon is a super app and the only reason should be that apple is afraid of it.