iPad as a Roon endpoint, controlled by an iPhone?


Key for me in a streamer is the artwork shown on it’s display. Personally, apart from the Naim Uniti Atom, which is out of my price range, the displays that exist on various devices are too small.

Therefore I am planning to pick up a Mac Mini, connect it to a 10" screen (any bigger and it wouldn’t fit in the spare space in my setup) and use it as an endpoint, controlled by my iPhone.

I have a few iPads. and was wondering if there is a way to have an iPad as an endpoint, controlled by an iPhone? I can only select the iPad as an output source from the iPad itself and not the iPhone.

I like to listen to music led in on my bed, so having to reach for the iPad to control playback is a non-starter. It needs to be controlled by my iPhone.


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When adding an iOS device as an endpoint with maybe dac connected, it defaults to a private zone and won’t show up on other devices, turn of the private setting and it should be visible



You’ve just saved me a whole heap of cash.

Controlling a DAC-connected iPad’s music playback from an iPhone has been the holy grail of music streaming for me for years.

Thank you very much.

Wouldn’t it be better to hook up the iPhone as the end point and use the iPad to control it? At least as far as functionality. iPad will give you access to scrolling lyrics and creating focus bookmarks. I guess with iPad you can just leave it in place.


Can you make both the iPhone and iPad a Roon endpoint and control either one from the other?

Yes of course you can. As long as you remember to make them non private they can be seen by any remote.

@Thomas_Isaac You will also probably want to make the iPad work in roon app only and keep it open and powered by usb connection too.

This can be done in guided access in settings on the iPad


Thanks (10 characters).

@wizardofoz I’m interested in this functionality, but I can’t figure out how to apply this. Any advice? Especially what I can configure. Roon display on an iOS device that turns on as soon as music starts playing would be THE bomb!

Not sure what you are asking me

I think the question is, is it possible to just leave your ipad connected but ready to stream at all times? I believe currently you have to go unlock the ipad and launch roon… it would be cool if it was just ready to go always.

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I don’t see any reason you can’t simply leave your iPad on and logged into the Roon app if that’s what you want to do. It would just be a Roon bridge to the connected DAC.

Yes and have it on charge all the time.

You mentioned the guided acces functionality in iOS. I can’t figure out how to do this and what options I can choose. I really like Roon display. What would be great is:
iOS device as Roon endpoint, always ready to play, as soon as music starts Roon display starts (in Safari).
Is this possible? When leaving the iOS device screen always on, doesn’t this affect de Retina display?

in settings use search to find guided access and it will get you there. basically turn it on and then when in the roon app triple click the home button on the iPad

failing that I suggest you google it in a youtube session to see how its done

I just tried this as well (with my Ipad+CCK3) but while it works perfectly, and indeed sounds a bit better, my Qutest DAC does not show up in the unfold chain? When the Chord DAC connected directly to my MacMini running Roon Core (via USB) the Qutest appears as a Roon endpoint in the audio chain. Am I doing something wrong?

What’s the advantage of doing this other than make it harder to switch apps?

yes just that so it stays in Roon

OK, thanks. I’m giving it a go to see if this setting helps make the app runtime more stable over time.