iPad as Roon bridge > experience and SQ

So, I tried this on my search for a dedicated streaming bridge - iPad via USB adapter straight into DAC (USB A into USB B). It sounds flawless! So here`s my question from a technical point. From what I understand, when using USB, you bypass the iPads internal circuits and further - when using USB - a package with data is sent straight into the DAC - thus using the DACs clock and letting it do all the work.

So basically the iPad works as a mere bridge between the received signal from the Roon core and passes perfect data to the DAC - letting the latter do all the work.

Should (or better even “can”) there be any difference in SQ at all when using a dedicated streaming bridge opposed to the iPad as alternative endpoint when all other parameters (Roon/USB A to USB B / external DAC) remain the same?

How does the signal path look like? Gives you a first hint as to lossless transmission

Signal path looks fine - why would it not? Played the stream against my CD transport - only minimal difference in SQ @ best…

Let your ears be the judge…so many subjective options will be voiced when really the only one that matters is your own.

Personally I find using an iPad or iPhone a rather expensive and cumbersome option when a Raspberry Pi with Ropieee.org will do an admirable job on a permanent basis - I have many setups like this.

… well - it‘s not really expensive because it‘s here anyways… I was actually more interested in the technical side of things though… can/should an expensive dedicates bridge sound better/different when connected via usb… ? Hence the question… could be I am missing something…

as I said above