iPad battery usage with roon app

Is this not a problem for anyone else? I find that after and hour of using the roon ipad app the battery is drained considerably. I can keep the sonos app open all day and hardly any battery gets drained but after even 30 minutes the battery drops by about 20%.

Have you noticed this only recently? I have an iPad too (Air, first generation) and I have not noticed such an issue.

Could you also explain what do you mean by “keeping an app open all day”? Does it mean that the screen of the iPad is actually “on”?

Yes, leave the app running and on. If I have people over, the app is open pretty much the whole time, with the roon app battery drains pretty quick. Other apps I can have the app open on the iPad for hours and it hardly drains the battery at all.

Not seeing that on my iPad mini 4. Strange.

I’ll check. I’m surfing on my ipad Air and only using my ipad pro as a Roon remote tonight…I’ll check in after a couple of hours and see how much battery the ipad pro has used. So far about 15 minutes in, it’s still 100 percent.

iOS 10 on my iPad Air (original) has certainly had a negative effect on battery life, but for all apps, perhaps this may be an issue for you. Roon may be a bit heavier and iOS 10 is making it more obvious.


ipad Pro still at 100 percent. It is only running as a Roon Remote. My Ipad Air which I am surfing on has dropped from 85 to 67% in the same time frame (about 1.5 hours.). Both use iOS 10.

iPad Pro Battery is still at 100 percent. Roon use itself wasn’t reducing battery. iPad Pro screen was putting itself to sleep after several minutes, but four hours later, no significant battery use was expended from the remote. That said, my iPad Air is down to 46 percent from web surfing and posting on various sites.

I am using an iPad air. Well that stinks, you guys aren’t having a problem. I have always had the problem since I have been using roon, so that has been about 10 months. So I wonder why I would be having this problem if it is not a larger problem for other people. At this point I only use the iPad if I want too read something in roon, otherwise I use the iphone app.

iPad Air here, mostly used just as remote for Roon and other stuff, a battery charge still lasts a whole week

on my iPhone 6s, though, after installing iOS 10, battery lasts barely half what it used to :angry:

Have you gone in and verified how much of the battery, Roon is actually using. If not, then check out the link below for directions on how to verify and how to stop certain features to increase battery life, GPS for example.

One of the biggest culprits on battery life is having the screen on and the brightness of the screen. Just turning down the screen brightness might decrease battery usage significantly.

Yes, absolutely. I’ve notice high battery consumption from the Roon app on my iPad Mini 4 since the day I started experimenting with Roon. It drains rather quickly compared to most other apps. If I’m sitting down for a long listening session beyond a couple hours, I normally leave my iPad Mini 4 plugged into the charger with an extra long charge cable.

Have you tried changing the “Theme” of Roon (from light to dark)? I am not sure this could really make a difference, but it might be worth trying.

Have you tried this;

Hard resetting usually takes care of this issue. Hard resetting is the equivalent of “have you tried turning it off and on again” but on a much deeper OS level. It usually resets the defaults.

To do a hard reset on your iPhone with a physical home button (any iPhone before iPhone 7), press and hold both the “Sleep/Wake” and “Home” button for 5 seconds. The iPhone will reboot, you’ll see the Apple icon flash and the iPhone will come to life.

On the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” and “Volume Down” buttons to do the same.

I use the black background theme. I have reset the iPad for other reasons. The battery drain is livable with Roon but there’s no denying that it’s a battery hog RELATIVE TO other iOS applications. It might be its use of quality graphics and OpenGL, not sure. But it does use a lot of battery.

Try going to Roon settings,setup and disable “keep screen awake” this will certainly allow your iPad to sleep while you are not actually using it thus making significant savings in battery life.

This may not apply to iPad but with Android I keep screen awake in Roon but closing the Tablet case flat over the screen, turns it off without closing the app.
Result, I get batter saving and don’t have to keep re connecting the app.