iPad blank screen [solved]

I often get a blank screen on the iPad remote, even latest build. It appears to be the same thing that’s been there since the early days when I used the Mac laptop as a remote.

The play controls are there, and the menu tab, but the rest of the page is black. It takes a menu selection to album, or clicking queue, or back arrow or whatever to clear it.

Does anyone else get this?

I have the same problem.

Yes, I get the too on the iOS version and Mac version at times. Just noticed it today.

Started today for me.

I still get this with the latest iOS Roon version released a few days ago. The blank screen is now white though, not black.

Are you on light theme or dark theme?

I get it pretty much every time I pick up my iPad after its been idle, (black for me in dark theme). Sometimes it gets refreshed after a few seconds, sometimes it takes navigating anywhere, sometimes a few navigations, and sometimes an app restart. In my general Roon experience its one of the most annoying features just because it happens so often, so I really hope it gets fixed one day…. (along with a history cache)

This is happening to me also everytime it wakes. Any word on a fix?

There is a history of tracks played, it’s in the menu. Is that what you mean by history cache ?

It’s happened to me before, but not very often.

Have you tried shutting down the Roon app and starting it up again? If you don’t know, you double click the home button on the bottom of the iPad and then swipe up the Roon app and it will disappear. Then start it up again and see how it goes.

Cheers, Greg

Ah, no, sorry, it was just a cheeky mention of the other fix required for the currently un-cached history, which pauses the Roon Ap every time, while displaying a ‘you haven’t played anything yet’ notice.

Yes, that obviously works, but that means restarting the App a lot. If, after a few navigations, the screen hasn’t fully populated itself, I just kill it and restart it, but it would be nice to not have to do that so often.

Yeah I agree, that message could be delayed until Roon knows we haven’t played anything. It’s the tail wagging the dog.

Exactly, that message was only actually accurate once - the first day I used Roon when I hadn’t actually played anything :wink: The iPad should ideally also cache the history (and anything else it can like album covers etc), so that there aren’t any delays when switching between views. But this is just a side annoyance to the blank screen issue, which means a bit of messing around pretty much every time I pick up the iPad.

found it and fixed! whew. Next build…

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