[iPad] Cannot pull up Control Center menu without affecting playback

There have been a few times recently when I wanted to adjust the screen brightness of my iPad Pro 9.7" remote from within Roon. However, swiping up from the bottom center of the screen to pull up Control Center also grabs the track timing slider, losing my place in the currently playing track.

I tried this several times to ensure it is not a simple issue of dexterity. Is there any way to make Roon properly aware of this contextual swipe, or is this a deeper issue with Mono/Xamarin?

Does no one else make occasional adjustments to their iPad screen brightness, or am I just fat-fingering the swipe? @support, can you confirm this behavior?

9.7" iPad Pro, iOS 10.2.1

Haven’t had this specific issue but in my opinion track name and playback indicator/waveform should be reversed in iOS for a few reasons.

  1. Grabbing a device by the bottom edge can sometimes result in fast-forward / reverse of a track.
  2. Undershooting Album / Artist results in same.

If reversed, a mistouch of artist would be more likely to have no effect (finger slipping and half-hitting the bezel) and a mistouch of waveform would have a more benign type of failure: change of view. Target boxes for touch on iOS often feel too small, and that’s a different issue, but anything to mitigate a misclick that causes a change to playback as opposed to a view change would be a net positive.

I can’t even bring up the control center menu. It just causes Roon to skip to the place I’m swiping across

I gave up trying this a long time ago.