iPad can't find things desktop can

When searching/focusing artists by text search of the name, I’ve found an interesting issue that differs between my Mac and my iPad in that it works fine on the Mac (where the library is) but doesn’t on the iPad.

On my Mac, I can go to Artists, then focus and start typing “marvin” to find Marvin Gaye. Everything is ok.

When I do the same on my iPad, I type “ma” and I see Marvin Gaye. If I then type “r” (to make the search string “mar”), no results.

Bizzarre right? Any ideas? Thanks!

Bump? Can I provide any more data for this?

I typed mar on my iPad (following your steps) and Marvin Gaye showed up. Not sure why it didn’t for you.

Doesn’t really make sense that he shows with ma and not mar for you. Yes, that is bizarre.

Cheers, Greg

Search was made smarter in Build 88 and when the iPad version is available (always lagged by Appstore approval) you should see changes here and a more uniform experience.

Hey Andy,

He was using Focus from the Artist page and filtering, so I’m not sure it will be addressed with the update.

That being said, I couldn’t recreate the issue he’s having.

Cheers, Greg

Ah, thanks Greg. iPad not with me at the moment. I’ll check to see if I can reproduce later.

I figured it out. The keyboard shifts the entire UI up so that any matches that result in a single row are not visible until you dismiss the keyboard. When the keyboard goes away, everything is fine. When you invoke it again, they shift off-screen again and “disappear”.

Seems like a better design would be to just shift the “Focus” UI up above the keyboard, and leave the result table behind it pinned to the top of the screen.