IPad crash when browsing artists

My iPad remote crashed twice (the app, not the whole iPad).
Wouldn’t necessarily report that, except I was doing the same thing, yesterday and today.

I have been adding artist pictures. (Using a Windows machine, as I noted separately I can’t find a way to do that on the iPad, no drag and drop.)

I wanted to check the progress and see how the images scale on the iPad. I set up my Artist browser to sort by number of albums (a proxy for relevance). After scrolling maybe ten pages (12 artists per page), the app crashed.

I’ll keep an eye open for repro.

Aha – could reproduce it!

But not just browsing artists.

Only crashed when I opened several artists (to check the scaling of the images), then went back to the browser. Probably opened about 30 artists, scrolling about 20 pages of 12 artists on each.

Thanks @AndersVinberg – we have a ticket open on this. Working on it.

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