iPad doesn't show main albums

On my iPad the “main albums” are blank, but on my Macbook everything is correct.

Tried “eric clapton” or “ana moura” or others.

Even when you select them on the iPad a main album and play it, the album is blank, but again not on the Macbook.

Do you mean the album art work is displayed as a gray square or something else?

Thanks Carl, the album frame is darker then the surrounding/background of the whole app- its black.
Sorry to say- its only on TIDAL- not on albums what i have on my real library.

“adding to library” in ROON removes the album from “Tidal mains albums”.
Then its appear in “main albums” from my library (with white background) and its visible.
Its bad/odd just to see how the album look like, to add it to my library-and it works on my Mac.