iPad Gen 7th 10.2 support Roon Remote

Does iPad Gen 7th 10.2 with latest iPsdOS 13.3 support Roon Remote? I have try but can’t use Roon remote application. In the same time I use Huawei P30 can use as normal.

If that is the 2019 version, yes it does.

Yes, Model 2019 but Roon Remote crashed cannot connect to Roon Core. When I uninstall and reinstall Roon remote it resume as normal but crashed again after passed sometimes. But alI have no problem for P30 Android phone.

Hi @Kanet_Srigrajang,

Is the behavior the same if you reboot your iPad?

It can solve this issue?

Hi @Kanet_Srigrajang,

A reboot usually helps, so I suggest trying it as the first troubleshooting step.

Thanks you, I will try and let you know :grin:

After I rebooted my iPad following your instruction problem still there cannot fix remote crashed.

One thing, this is my daughter iPad 32GB storage almost full 29GB is used not quite sure this is root cause of remote crashed?

Hi @Kanet_Srigrajang,

I believe 3GB free would be enough to use the iPad. I would like to try something a bit different here, can you please try uninstalling the Roon app, perform a reboot of the iPad and then install the Roon app only once the iPad has been rebooted?

Hi noris
Thanks, I uninstalled, rebooted and installed Roon remote that you suggested and yes Roon remote work now but I observed serveral album from Tidal cause of Roon remote crashed such as The Nordic Sound 2L, most of Classical music then I solved by open those album from Huawei P30 and come back to open Roon remote on iPad during playback those problem album iPad Roon remote become crashed again. That another problem I observed… :sob:

I decided to bought new iPad Gen 7th to replaced my daughter’s iPad Gen 7th (same model) issues was gone.

That’s very odd isn’t it! Computers!!

Hi @Kanet_Srigrajang,

Glad to hear the issue is resolved on the other iPad. If you have any further issues feel free to reach out once more!

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