iPad (Gen5), over several days and configurations, cannot find Nucleus [Resolved]

Roon Nucleus was working flawlessly for me for many weeks and now it seems to have disappeared. The power light is on, the CAT 6 cable works when alternatively unplugged and plugged into my Marantz AV7703 processor, multiple hard reboots have no effect.

One thing that has worked for me to delete the app from the iPad and reinstall it.

Make sure your iPad and Nucleus is on the same network and that you haven’t inserted any bootable USB devices in any of the Nucleus’ ports.

Go to your routers DHCP lease table, and check that your Nucleus has received an IP Adress. (Assuming you haven’t “tweaked” your settings, in which case you are on your own)
Enter this address inthe adress bar of Safari on your iPad to view the Roon OS web interface. Please post a screenshot of this?

If this fails, please attach an HDMI cable to a TV/monitor and post a picture of this screen rather.

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Yes, I was aware of this answer and tried it several times on both my iPad and my iPhone to no avail. Even powered down both access points and rebooted before installing. That tip also had no effect.

Digging deeper, I witnessed a strange occurrence when rebooting the Nucleus after powering down and unplugging the device from all inputs. After plugging it back into my RGPC Pole Pig; but, before powering up the Nucleus, I inserted the AQ Cinnamon RJ/E cable into the LAN port and observed the green LED announcing the handshake. Upon powering up the Nucleus, the green LED went out. I can only assume that there is some failure of the LAN circuit inside the Nucleus.

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For almost three years, I had my Nucleus running with a wired connection from an Apple Extreme wireless router. I had three of these devices in my system; they constituted a whole-house wireless/hardwired setup that worked well for me. One of the apple devices failed after several years of service, and apple got out of the router business, so I looked for a new solution. I purchased a well reviewed mesh system and connected it as a new whole-house solution, running a cat6 cable from the mesh node located beside my Nucleus. Every other device in my home embraced the mesh system, but the Nucleus never worked correctly from that day until I sold it to a guy with a totally hardwired house. I replaced the Nucleus with a vintage Mac mini that was modded with 16GB RAM and a small SSD drive. Works perfectly, including three active zones (2 Roon Bridge set up and my iPad) in addition to my 2.1 and 5.1 core connected outputs. I loved my Nucleus, so elegant, but it had trouble holding a signal from my LAN. The Mac mini has no such problem. That is how I fixed it. Might or might not be applicable to your situation.

Sorry to hear about the trouble here, @Gibson_Hopper. When you can’t connect to the Nucleus from remotes, are you able to reach the Nucleus Web Administration Interface?

Spoke with Josh at Music Direct and his response to my green LED observation was to disconnect from my TP Link GB switch upstairs linking all of my components in the Media Room and reconnect directly to the company supplied router/modem downstairs to see if I could get the Nucleus to work. Eureka! The Roon Nucleus was now recognizable on my network and I was able to AirPlay to my components upstairs. SO, my issue is not with the Nucleus (?); but, is instead with the LAN cable (?) or TP Link GB switch (?).

As a further observation, the LED’s on the TP Link switch are all Orange and not Green. A google inquiry reveals Orange LEDs indicate a 10/100 speed. Green lights indicate a GB speed. I can only assume from this reckoning that the Roon Nucleus requires a GB feed to operate. That’s not too unreasonable an expectation when you consider all of the things the Nucleus is doing.

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I have ordered a replacement TP Link GB switch. It will be here tomorrow. I’ll report back tomorrow after I try the TP Link replacement.

Nucleus is back to good working order. I cannot tell you which action I took to correct the problem. In the process of isolating the problem as a network issue, I somehow was able to restore the network communication between the downstairs router, upstairs TP Link switch, AQ Cinnamon LAN cable and Nucleus. Glad to have my Nucleus back!

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I’m glad to hear you’re back up and running, @Gibson_Hopper! If you see any issues in the future please don’t hesitate to reach out.