iPad has a border around the artist picture Mac doesn't

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Just wondering if I can get a full-screen artist picture using the iPad?

Right now I have a black border around the artist’s picture. I checked the settings on my Mac and everything seems to be the same.

Hey @Gary_Foux,

To better assist you, please fill out the additional information I’ve added to your original post. With that, are you able to provide specific screenshots of the issue you are referring to? This will help the support team gather a better idea of your issue.

We’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

No borders on Mac using build 988

It would be easier for the team to assist if you provide a screen shot from the iPad where the issue is seen. (Google is your friend if you don’t know how)
But, likely this is down to the content in the Valence database, people vote on images they like, not taking into account the resolution needed to display properly on something else than their iPhone from 5 years ago. And then there’s the different scaling between devices also, a mess, truly.

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Roon Labs made the decision to no longer upscale images above their native resolution. This may lead to issues when watching content on some very high resolution high DPI displays. Maybe Roon Labs should rethink its decision (at least for such devices)?

PS: I personally would prefer on-demand upscaling over flooding Valence with pre upscaled images of lower resolution content just to resolve this issue.

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Hey @Gary_Foux,

Thanks so much for sending over a screenshot! This is expected behavior, with a few things in mind. Most importantly, the border is set up for smaller screens largely to avoid major cropping of the image. Image resolution also plays a part in this as well.

I can certainly forward this over to our product team as a feature request, though!

Let me know if you have any other questions Gary, and happy listening :+1:

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