Ipad, Iphone, and PC cannot find core on Nucleus

This problem arose after I had a network drop out most likely during the night. I ended up re-setting my modem and router to get my dish TV to work and computers to connect to the internet. It looks like the nucleus is looking for an old IP. A scan of IPs indicates the proper IP for the Nucleus is It used to be different as best I can recall. When I insert the new IP and hit scan the Nucleus searches but still will not come up. To try a network reset I attempted to connect a monitor via HDMI and usb keyboard. Using two different HDMI cables to both a monitor and TV I was unable to get any signal from the Nucleus. And this was with three different ethernet cables. At this point I end up like the crashed pilot who claimed all was well until he simultaneously ran out of airspeed, altitude, and ideas!

@Paul_Monroe, I have moved this to the Nucleus support category for improved visibility. Is your Nucleus showing as a connected device in your router using Do you know if you had a power failure overnight?

I have a router with two extension units. When operating normally each has a white light illuminated. I awole one night to discover the two remotes had flashing blue lights which I had never seen before. The next

My router has two remotes with all units having a white light when operating normally. I awoke one night to discover that two of the remotes had a flashing blue light, something I had never seen before. The next morning I discovered my Dish TV was not working and all computers were off the internet. I assume it was due to a power outage. I disconnected power from my modem and router but that did not help. By un hooking EVERYTHING and re-connecting I got the Dish TV and my wife’s computer back on. All units are hard wired but my two computers indicated they were on the network but NOT the internet. My wife’s worked ok but she is still on Microsoft 7 while I am on 10. Seems there was some sort of IP issue with my two computers and I had to get a technician in to correct things. I discovered the problem with Roon when I started to use it the next day. A scan of all items indicates the Neucleus has a IP{ now of I can not get Roon to see my core by trying to turn it on with any remote (my computer, my Ipad, or my Iphone).

I fear that since a HDMI connection from the Nucleus to my monitor says “no signal received” that it in fact has no network connection despite the power light and blinking ethernet light appearing normal and despite I have tried three ethernet cables.

I made a telephone call to my computer technician to clarify what he had to do to get my computers back on the internet. It seems it was a loose connection, probably from my efforts to reset the modem and router. Thinking more deeply into this, due to an illness I had not had roon turned on for several weeks, but I don’t see what that could have to do with my troubles.

Hey @Paul_Monroe,

After reviewing your account, I’m only seeing a PC running windows 10 show up. If possible can you boot up your Nucleus and connect it to your router via ethernet?

Can you hook up your nucleus to a monitor to access the webUI of the device? You can find more info here:

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

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Thank you for your response. I have disconnected and powered up the Nucleus several times. After each the core cannot be found on power up. The power light comes on and internet connection blinks but on connecting a hdmi cable to my monitor I get a “no signal found” message. I have replicated this on three monitors, four internet cables, and two keyboards. On a list of all network IPs run on my computer I find the nucleus listed as however I do not remember it as being such and seem to remember it as being different. When I enter this IP the core does not find or recognize it. This difficulty arose after the nucleus had not been activated for several weeks due to illness. During this time we have had several power failures which may or may not have contributed to my problem. My Nucleus is really a NucleusPlus, was purchased three or four years ago from another individual so is not in warranty. After difficulty you helped me reset it sometime in 2021. It has often had trouble finding the core but I have been able to overcome this by entering the IP, so I am wandering if it has had some issues since the beginning. Not being able to reset the network and not being able to get an output to my monitor via hdmi cable really limits what troubleshooting I can do. From what little I can see all external views seem normal but I just cannot get it on my network and I have reset my modem and router several times so the issue is not there. What now are my options??? Can you somehow access the unit and do anything? If not can I send it to you for inspection and repair? Or, sadly, do I just need to throw it in the trash with other useless stuff?

@Paul_Monroe, is your Roon Core on the Nucleus Plus or on a different computer? Your statement below makes it seem that the Core is not the Nucleus Plus:

Core is on the NucleusPlus

Also I don’t understand the message from Roon support above “Any device that runs Roon OS includes a web-based administration tool where you can: reboot or power off your roon device Confirm your device’s Serial numbe Confirm what version of Roon OS you are runnin and reinstall the latest…”
Sorry but I don’t get this at all. Please explain

Go to your internet web browser and type in the IP address of your Nucleus and press enter.

@Paul_Monroe, yes please follow @Jim_F’s suggestion, or alternately you may be able to type http://nucleusplus or http://nucleusplus.local in a browser

When I enter in my brouser (chrome) I get two blocks to click on One is “login” and the other “admin” . When I click on login I get a “page not found” message. When I click on admin I get the “log in” message which when clicked on gives the same results.

Can you get to the Roon OS web admin page by typing http://nucleusplus in a browser?

I get the message “site cannot be reached”.

This is crazy! I when I put http://nucleusplus in my Iphone using safari as the browser I get the message “Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found”

I found my note from 2021 when the system was reset.Thr IP then was and Roon OS version was 1.8.

Do you know what version of Roon you are running now? Is it still 1.8 or did you update to 2.0?

Serial # is 54B2038BE8CB and this is a Rev B nucleusplus if that is any help.