iPad/iPhone keep disconecting from the Roon Core on a QNAP server [Resolved - reinstalled Roon]

Can’t connect to Roon from iPad or iPhone. Laptop with Windows 10 no problem.
If I log on to server and turn of/turn on application I get connection right away but if iPad goes into resting I loose contact again.
We also use Roon at work ( HiFi shop ) with Roon on a computer ( Windows 10 ) everything works fine with my phone (iPhone 6 S ).
Will the fortcoming App in appstore solwe the problem at home ?

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Urban Lindh

Hi @Ljudmakarn_Ljudmakar ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

One of the reasons iOS is so good with battery life is that it aggressively puts apps in the background to sleep – one of the trade offs of that is when you “wake up” Roon, it has to reconnect.

It should only take a second or two – are you seeing otherwise?


It worked before the latest upgrade of Roon.
Now when iPad puts the app to sleep and i open it again Roon can’t connect
The only way is to log on to server and turn off/ turn on Roon program.
When I do that it reconnects right away and stays connected until the screen
Shut down.
Wery annoying…
I don’t have any problems when I use Roon app for PC, always connect in a second

Best regards

Urban Lindh

Hi @Urban_Lindh ---- Thank you for following up with me and sharing your observations. Both are appreciated. Moving forward, may I kindly ask you to please provide me with the following information:

  1. A brief but accurate description of your current setup as seen here.

  2. Can you please outline your network configuration/topology as well as providing insight into any networking hardware you maybe implementing.

  3. In your troubleshooting os this issue have you tried reinstalling the application on the iPad?


I will try as good as a can…

  1. I have the software on a QNAP 251+ exactly as Chris Rieke suggest. 100mB fiber network , i use a Luxul router
    ( had the same problem with previous router).

  2. computers wired with windows 10 No problem with these. 1 Laptop on wifi - No problems with that
    Meridian endpoint and 2 Apple Airport.

  3. Yes , several times. I also unistalled the software on the server and reinstalled it. Problem remains.

As I mentioned earlier i have no problems with controlling Roon when i am at work were we also use Roon.

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One more interesting thing…

I got myself a cheap Lenovo Tablet ( Tab 3 7 Essential ) and that one works perfect on my network.

So the problem must be related to Apple products.

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Urban Lindh

Hi @Urban_Lindh ---- Thank you for the follow up and taking the time to answer my questions/share your observations with me. Both are appreciated!

Moving forward I would like to have you perform the following test:

  1. Please reproduce the behavior being reported with the iPad/iPhone.

  2. When you are in this state please confirm if the device that has lost communication with the core can still access/communicate with one of the Apple Airports on your network.

  3. Check that one of your other remotes (that has been functioning correctly) can still communicate with the core successfully while the Apple device(s) are struggling.


  1. When I start Roonapp on iPad it says: Looking for remote libraries, nothing happens

  2. No problem playing Tidal from iPad to Airport at the same time.

  3. Widows computers, both wired and wifi have no problem

Androidtablet works fine !

Regarding my setup: I have the Roon Database on a separate SSD disc connected to server via USB 3.0

Best Regards

Urban Lindh

Hi @Urban_Lindh ----- Thank you for following up with and giving the proposed test a shot.

Just to reiterate on your findings. You could not connect to the core via the iPad remote but while you were in this state you still could stream to the Airport via TIDAL without any issue and the other Roon remotes (Windows computers) remained stable. Correct?

Moving forward, I would like to grab set of logs from your iPad so we can take a closer look at what could be going on here. I will be contacting you momentarily via PM with instructions.


Hitta again
Have You foundation snygging in My latest
Best regards
Urban Lindh