iPad/iPhone remote/app

+Why can’t you with all your technology/workers design a remote like Damien’s Audirvana 2+ that allows you to see what is playing from your main system if you are in a different area of say your house and have the ability to change playlists or songs within a playlist WITHOUT having to be directly connected (IE I use sennheiser RS-195’s) to the iPad or iPhone. A2+"s feature is really nice and convienent.

Are you requesting a Wideget ?

Or a physical remote control ?

I want same remote on my iPhone/pad that A2+ has.

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When you change the zone in Roon Remote on your iPhone or iPad (press the zone icon at the right in the black play bar at the bottom of your screen) to your main system (or the one you defined there for your Sennheiser), you will have full control of that zone. Roon Remotes can control all zones in your Roon system.

RBM Thank you so much I didn’t realize that.
Thanks for that quick reply and help it now works perfectly!