iPad/iPhone under the mesh subnet cannot find Roon core

Roon Core Machine

ROCK installed in Intel NUC 7i5BNH

Networking Gear & Setup Details

House has a campus network, under it I installed a TP Link m5 mesh router.

Connected Audio Devices

dCS Bartok, Apple TV, etc.

Number of Tracks in Library

50,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Since my home wifi was upgraded with mesh routers (TPLink m5), my mobile devices connected to the wifi cannot access the Roon core, which is directly connected to the LAN subnet. My iPad finds the Roon core occasionally, but it’s on and off, and it’s more likely that it doesn’t find the core.

My house is a campus housing and the entire unit is wired under a network switch, so any devices plugged into the wall are connected under one subnet. Three units of TPLink m5 mesh routers are connected under this subnet to create a wifi network. All devices connected by LAN find Roon without problems. It’s the mobile devices on the wifi that has problems finding Roon. I don’t use iPad/iPhone much for Roon control, so just realized this problem.

Is there any simple router setting that solves the problem? Roon settings? Please advise.

Where is the Roon support team? No response for nearly a week.

Been there done that. Doesn’t solve the problem.

Still no response for over two weeks! After some trial and errors, it looks like my iPhone seems to connect Roon core better (still takes long), but iPad is most surely unable to connect. So it appears that the problem is not about the network settings. I suspect it has something to do with the new iOS and Roon compatibility.

I deleted and reinstalled Roon remote app on the iPad numerous times with no avail.

Where is the Roon support??? @dylan

The wait has been much longer than we had hoped and we’re sorry, @hgim82. I know for a fact how convenient it is to have both an iPad and an iPhone to control Roon and not having that for this long couldn’t have been easy.

While we have a whole article dedicated to advice on setting up your network (if you have a moment, it will be worth a read), I wanted to find out a little bit more about your environment.

Before adding the mesh routers, these specific devices (this iPad and this iPhone) connected to your Roon Core fine?

If you check the IP addresses on your network (using a software like Fing, or any other way), what are the IP addresses of your Core, iPad and iPhone?

Thanks :pray:

@beka, thanks for finally responding. In response to your questions,

I never had any such issues before I installed the TP-Link Deco m5. I used Airport Extreme before. Even now, the situation is hardware dependent, i.e. it works better with my Macbook on the same wifi network but my iPad Pro specifically have the consistent failure. My iPhone has mixed success (often takes long about a minute to find the core), sometimes it works and sometimes not. All Mac devices connected to the LAN cables have absolutely no problem. As we speak, my iPhone 12 Pro just found the core after a minute and is properly connected. My iPad is still in the dark.

As I indicated above, I live in a compound where the entire house is provided with a network switch under a subnet. So all the LAN connection has IP address 10.212.x.xxx, while the mesh router creates its own subnet with 192.168.x.xxx. In other words, the Roon core as well as other LAN-connected Mac Minis have the 10.212xxx address while all other devices on wifi carries the 192.168.xxx IPs. I don’t know how this works in this case, but I believe this is a common situation for any other routers. I have three mesh devices in the house. I don’t know the details of how the mesh network works as I move from one zone to another. The problem stated above happens on the same device regardless where I am in the house.

The Apple AirPlay setup works flawlessly throughout the house, so I doubt there is anything wrong in my mesh network setup. Roon should look into this issue and resolve in the next release.

Hey @hgim82,

Thanks for being so kind as to go into that much detail, as well as for your patience while I returned to work after being out of the office :relieved:

It sounds like your TP-Links are acting in router mode. Could you please set them to access point?

This way it will use the same subnet as the switch.

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I believe it’s a wrong diagnosis. I don’t have a separate router to generate a WiFi network, so I can’t use the mesh routers as an access point. Please elaborate your explanation.

The deco system is acting as it’s own network. To join into your campus network it needs to be in access mode.


Yes, you were right. Now everything is working properly. My situation is a bit special because the campus has a central DHCP server so I only needed an AP in my house for WLAN.

Thank you very much! All good. This thread should serve as a good reference for other users.


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