iPad-like app for MacOS

Hi fellow Rooners!
I have been using Roon for 2 years now. I’ve used to have it installed 1st on my iMac (which I’m using for my desktop computing, then I moved to a separate Mac mini and finally as a core application on Sonic Transporter, which is away from my desktop. I feel more comfortable to access the Roon database through my iMac but now, when I have it installed on a separate unit (Sonic T.) I’m forced to access Roon functions through one of tablet devices/iPhone and similar.
I wonder if there is some solution to bring up some sort of Roon app on iMac and use it instead of a tablet/phone?

All the best

Just download the Roon app from the download page and connect it to your core, i.e. you’ll be using it as a control app, not another core or output.


Thanks, I’ll try to do that now!

Already up and running!
thanks once again!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: