iPad local playback stops

Playing happily to my iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) , suddenly stopped, the iPad is no longer available as a zone.

Connected via USB C Camera kit to Audioquest Dragonfly Red

In Settings Audio the iPad still shows normally as available.

Restarted app no change

Playing normally via my legacy system

Try restarting the Core @Mike_O_Neill

I’ll give it a go , it was restarted only 8 hours ago. This happens occasionally on my iPad mini that I use as an end point in the kitchen

Hi, have the same issue with my system.
Nucleus with latest roon versin (from this morning), ipad pro, lindemann source.
Did restart and reboot the nucleus.
Happend with lindemann either wifi or lan … same issue with stopping local playback.

I don’t think it’s a 1.8 issue, it’s more an iPad issue. It was happening occasionally on my iPad mini before today

Restarted and that did it but why ?

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