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I am using a Mac Book with 10.16.6 Catalina as core for a devialet amplifier. Sometimes the zone did disappear and music stopped accordingly. I have now switched to having the Mac connected not wireless via roon anymore but via USB, and hope it will be better this way (so far it is ok).

But what remains is that the RemoteApp that I run on an iPad very often looses the connection to the core although internet is working fine. Sometimes the iPad can reconnect, sometimes I have to restart the program. I have already re-installed the App but that did not change anything. The iPad is an iPad pro 2nd generation and runs with IOS 14.1.

I like the software very much, but really want to be able to control it via phone or iPad, and fear that this does not work. Found a similar post from some time ago, where the user got a tablet that does not run IOS. But think that should not be the solution.
Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
I cannot really say much about the network. It is run with a Fritz box router.

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Hello and welcome to the community.

Your core machine should be connected via Ethernet to your router. Roon does generate a high amount of Network traffic. Wireless connectivity to the endpoints and remotes should work fine - depending on the bandwidth available when other devices are in use. It does depend on the strength of your internal network.

I have Roon on a dedicated media server (NUC) with ROCK and use my IPAD PRO 12.9, a Windows 10 Laptop and my Samsung Note 9 phone for remote devices. All work very well with no connection issues.

I started with Roon running on a Windows 7 desktop with a WiFi connection to the PC and endpoints and it worked most of the time but did have occasional dropouts. After having Ethernet added in my home the dropouts were gone.

I mention those to point out that Roon does run successfully on different platforms but the deciding factor comes down to the Network connectivity. If your core machine has the minimum requirements to run Roon without interference from other tasks running simultaneously, and your Network has the capacity to handle the Roon traffic along with the other devices in your home, then you should not have any issues.

It does work and works very well.

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Thank you, Mike!

I organized a LAN connection for the core, and now the issue seems to be solved!

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Hello @Heiko_Maacke,

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for letting us know the issue is resolved and thanks for jumping in here @Mike_LC!

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