iPad loses contact with Roon Core [Solved]

I’ve owned this network audio setup for about two years now.

I have had problems with it from the start. In a previously started topic (https://community.roonlabs.com/t/ios-briefly-loses-connection-to-core/94869)
I talked about the lost connection between the iPad and the Roon Core. I usually managed to find a detour to get back in touch. I also bought a new router with a “stronger” WiFi (250Mb / s). That didn’t help. The interruptions are usually no longer than a second but the picture does change as a result, very annoying. A failure of more than 5 minutes occurred at most once a day. The PC is usually off when I listen to music in the evening.
Now this problem suddenly increased last evening. I wanted to listen, but the iPad already indicated at the start that there was no connection to the Core. I alternated 5G with 2.4G, which sometimes helped with outages. I had never experienced this before. And switching didn’t help either. Eventually I restarted the PC but it also had no connection to the Core. After a minute there was suddenly a connection on both the PC and the iPad. I shut down the PC and immediately the connection to the iPad was lost. Now I can no longer use the iPad as a remote without the PC turned on.
It seems like my network audio setup keeps on collapsing.
Oh yes, I also use the switch with the sonicTransporter for a small stream setup with a Raspberry Pi / Volumio as a spare. This one is not on. (By the way, I have no connect problems with the iPad as a remote for Volumio).
Does anyone have an idea what it could be?

Greetings, Bert Dijkstra

Hi @Bert_Dijkstra,

Is your PC the Core in this case of the SonicTransporter? Shutting off the PC shouldn’t have an impact on your iPad connection, that’s strange. Is the behavior the same if you try to host the Roon Core on the PC as a test?

  • Create a Backup of your current database
  • Open Roon on the other PC you wish to try as the Core
  • Roon Settings -> General
  • Disconnect
  • On the “Choose your Core” screen, press “Use this PC”
  • If asked to Unauthorize, you can go ahead and do so. You are limited to one active Roon Core at a time but you are free to switch between them as often as you’d like.
  • Verify if the same behavior occurs on the different PC

Hello Noris,
Thanks for your answer.
I have adjusted the schedule. The Core is installed on both dr sT and the PC. The one on the PC is not active.
The intention is that I will send the sT to SGC at the beginning of March, where the boot order will be adjusted (the sT always tried to boot from the external music drive) and where an SSD is now being built in because mounting caused more and more problems. Maybe they can immediately test the stability of the SO.
To be honest, I hope that the bizarre problems with the synchronization of the time bar in Roon:
and the aforementioned problem will be solved. If not, I will certainly implement your proposal, although it may be wiser to do this before sending. Imagine that the PC with the Core does not have these 2 problems, can you conclude that it is the sT? If I use the Core of the PC, can I still work with HQPlayer or do I have to switch to Roon Ready in the MicroRendu?


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Hi @Bert_Dijkstra,

Yes, I would test the PC before you send in the SonicTransporter just to verify if the same issue occurs there as well.

You should be able to run HQPlayer on the PC:

Hello Noris,

First a updated schedule of my setup:

I plan to use my Core on the PC soon. I also want to add my Database to the new Core. I have already read about that, but I am still unsure how to do it. I would like to see screen prints of what I can expect. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with the Roon manuals (maybe not really possible). For this procedure I use the manual: Migrate.
What are the steps I have to take and where are the uncertainties?

  1. I make a backup of my database. Sceduled backups are already being made on an external hard drive of my PC. The Path is thus known.
  2. Then I choose Disconnect on the General Page.
  3. I hope to see a page with the choice for the old and the new Core. (I would have liked to see a screenprint of this, or if there is one, a link to that page.)
  4. I Connect the new Core on my PC. Is there a Connect button visible on the current page?
    (Now it gets unclear to me)
  5. This Core must be started on my PC. Does it show on the current page a visible Start button?
    (The Roon Core is running now, what do I have to see?)
  6. Now I have to Launch Roon on my PC . (Is that possible with the icon on the taskbar of my computer?)
    taakbalk Roon 2021-02-08 180413
  7. I arrive at the login page with the Restore Backup button at the bottom left. I choose it and then come to a page where I can access the backup file via browsing on a page like on the first picture?
  8. I choose this file and give OK and then the Restore Backup takes place.
  9. When the Restore is finished (how do you know that?) I go to Storage to see if the music folder is available or if I have to set it up via networkshare.
  10. Because it is a large library I turn off Roon via the icon on the taskbar (like the third picture). After a while I start Roon and see if everything worked out.

Hopefully you can see if I understood correctly. If not, please let me know.

I also hope that after this process I notice that a number of problems no longer occur:

  1. Lost Connection Core on my iPad.
  2. Lost covers on my iPad.
  3. Roon on iPad only works when the PC is on.
  4. Synchronization problems during playback with the timeline and music progression.

If so, does the sonicTransporter causes these problems?

Hi @Bert_Dijkstra ,

The steps look about right, once you disconnect via General, you can press the “Use this PC” button and then restore the backup as you intended. Don’t turn off Roon in step 10 because the Roon interface is now the Roon Core.

Yes, that would suggest only the SonicTransporter Core is affected.
If both are affected then the issue is likely elsewhere.

Next week I will send the sT to SGC and the day before I will change the Core to my PC. I also will report in this topic my results.

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At this moment I did find two solutions for loosing contact with the Roon Core.
In my modem/router there is the possibility to change the lease time in the DHCP settings. It was set on one hour and I changed it in two days. Now there is no loss off contact.
When I start Roon Remote on my iPad there was still a problem with disappeared covers and I had to change wifi 2,4G<>5G. After the change covers are visible again.
This morning I watched at a Networking for Audiophiles Webinar from Andrew Gillis on YouTube. He advised how to connect the devices in your network and I noticed that I had to change the place of the router and the first switch. My router with wifi should be the first to connect to my modem and after the router I have to connect the first switch. Now I have from the start no problems with disappeared covers on my remote and it runs independently from my PC. This is the result for today and I hope it will be permanent.
I’ll show the picture of my new network setup to make things more clear:

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Hi @Bert_Dijkstra ,

Thanks for the update here and glad to hear that the system is now performing better following the network change! If you have further difficulties with Roon, please do let us know, hope you enjoy the music! :headphones:

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Because my topic: iPad loses contact with Roon Core, was closed I had to start this one. I thought the problem was solved but as it seems not all the way.

I had started cheering too soon. The sudden disconnections have been resolved but the dependency on the PC has remained. This phenomenon is variable. Usually the iPad depends on the PC, but sometimes not. If I start the iPad with Roon while the PC is off, the remote cannot connect. When I then start up the PC, it cannot connect either. After a few minutes, both are connected at the same time. There is something that triggers the Roon Core in the sonicTransport not to want to connect to other remotes, wired or wifi, only after a few minutes a simultaneous connection is established.
Hopefully, with the help of the community, I can find out what is causing this problem.
Today the sonicTransport will be sent to SGC for reset and I hope this problem has been resolved.
I will then report again.

The Roon Core is now installed on my PC and therefore I am currently unable to check the dependency. When the sT is back and the Roon Core has been installed on it, I can test the dependency again and I hope that the PC does not have to be switched on anymore.

Hey @Bert_Dijkstra,

I’m sorry the issue returned - your last post was marked as solved because of this post:

Is your iPad losing connection again?