iPad Mini 1 as a display

Hi, I have an iPad Mini 1 got for free and it says I cant install Roon remote on it because my iOS isn’t at least 11.

I cant update this device that high, so I figured I could utilize it maybe as a display. Well I open up Chrome and put the display URL in and it loads to a screen that says Roon. However I can’t choose it in Roon. The icon for it doesn’t show up when playing. Any ideas?

I cant believe a device that was as expensive as it was then is useless today.

Well, that is the way of technology. Things can cause perfectly functioning older technology to be virtually useless a couple of years later. Price doesn’t really factor into longevity.

Well, there are several steps to using the display function. If the mini is showing a Roon Icon then you are halfway there. First, before playing music, mac sure the mini is showing Roon like this ( a clip from a browser I just pasted the display url into)

Then go to Settings / Displays and you should see the browser listed there: like this

If you don’t then stop and come back. If you do, then start music playing, go to the bottom and click on the Volume Icon and you should then see this:


When you click on that little display Icon, it will bring up


  1. Clicking on Display Now will then start Roon sending the video
  2. Clicking on the drop down you can set it to start immediately on playback.

Hi, Thanks for response. The Mac Mini doesn’t show up in the display tab nor does it show up when I click the speaker Icon where the DSP icon etc is. The browser i have roon display URL in just shows the Roon logo. I can however get display to work on the Laptop that I use as the core. Ive rebooted the Ipad and closed out roon and reopened etc to no avail.

This is what’s on IPad mini display.

Hmm. Well, it certainly can be that older browsers might have issues. I tried reading other threads with the same issues; sadly, none of them found an answer either.

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yep, Apple forcing an Upgrade. This thing is pretty useless at this point. I cant update any apps on App store either. I was hoping to at a minimum use this as a display. I think it would be perfect for that at least. Thank you for you help!

I use an older Ipad hooked up to my computer using Duet Display. It essentially works as a second monitor. I have Roon running and I use the Ipad to show it as a window. I can control Roon with my mouse and still work on my computer. I have the Ipad mounted to the side of my monitor. I hope this makes sense.

I’m looking to just use it as a display not tied to my computer. It’s odd that it will show Roon logo but that’s it. Roon doesn’t see it as a display.

I had a similiar problem when I first started using Roon. I had an outdated iPad. I used an app called Luna, it worked OK, but I had too much lag in my system. I eventually purchased a newer model iPad and that solved my problem.

My 6 year old mini runs iOS 12 and still works fine via Bluetooth, shame the battery is nearly gone

Yeah gave up on it. Gave it to my little nephew