iPad Mini 4 Display

(James Jacobs) #1

Have a iPad mini 4 and cannot figure out how to display Roon in portrait mode. Only seems to display in landscape mode. Is the iPad mini 4 even capable of displaying Roon in portrait mode? Thanks.


I believe only the large iPad pro can display in portrait mode. The iPad mini definitely cannot.

(Henry Bottieri Jr) #3

My iPad Air 2 displays in portrait mode also


I believe it is only the 12.9 inch iPad that does portrait.

(Henry Bottieri Jr) #5

I stand corrected, I happened to glance over at my Air2 and it was bluOS app which was opened. Sorry guys.

(James Jacobs) #6

Damn, so I bought the wrong pad.

(Tony) #7

Take it back if you only just bought it. Apple used to do a 30 day exchange but don’t know if they still do.

(Danny Dulai) #8

you have 14 days from date you got the device to return it.

Get the 12.9 iPad Pro, you will be happy you did.


I can highly recommend the 12.9" iPad Pro. I picked up a refurbished 2015 with headphone jack from Apple.com for USD $589. Delivered in two days.


I use iPad mini mounted on the wall in portrait. So I’d really like it if you would update the app to work on the iPad mini in portrait orientation.

(Etk) #11

Is there a reason this is still the case? My iPhone works fine in portrait mode, why can’t I use an iPad mini in the same way?

(Andrew J Shepherd) #12

iPad and iPhone run completely different Roon remote interfaces. They are not interchangeable. And that phone interface runs only in portrait orientation.


(Etk) #13

No, I get that.

What I mean is that the UI works fine in portrait mode, even on a small device like a phone so why can’t an iPad mini be used this way up. There are no cradles which charge the iPad mini in landscape (leastways, not any that don’t have an ugly wire sticking out the side) so it’s a big omission.