iPad Mini 4 Remote Not Working with 2.0

intel NUC 5/ Roon Core 2.0 (build 1128)

I’m trying to access my CORE using an iPad Mini 4 running iOS 15.7. When I try to use the regular remote app it shows CORE as being on 1.0 and says I need to upgrade. My iPhone works fine.

Is 2.0 not accessible on an iPad Mini 4? Both devices are on the same wi-fi network, so if I can access my CORE on my iPhone I should be able to do the same on my iPad Mini?

My iPad mini4 works just fine with 2.0.
What version Roon Remote is on your iPad?

@AceRimmer thought I had updated the remote app but was wrong. I did and now working fine. TY!

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