iPad Mini used as a display for album art

Has anyone been able to setup a iPad Mini as a standalone display for the currently playing song showing the album art as the main thing on the screen?

I can get it to display what is currently playing but the main picture displayed is of the artist themselves.

The album cover and song are displayed at the bottom of the screen but are small in comparison to the artist(s) pic. I would also consider only the album art with nothing else.

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I’m not sure if my question is clear. I use my iPhone as a remote for Roon, the iPad sits on top of my stereo cabinet and acts as a Now Playing display for anyone in the room to see. This is what is displayed on the screen.

I can see no way to change anything that is displayed. What am I missing?

I have the Roon Remote app installed on my iPad. Then you can customise the now playing screen as per BlackJacks post.

You can start tinkering around using information from the thread below. This will likely affect all connected web displays though.

I think that is just the way its designed to work. The only customization you can do with the Roon Display is enable/disable lyrics.

Even worse, if there is no artist picture available, it just shows a blurry album cover in place of the artist picture. I’ve filed a support request for this.

Its great that Roon came out with the Display feature, but they haven’t shown it any love since it initially came out :-(. To me, this feature is far more important (than say Roon ARC) because it really enriches the experience at home. Customizability and fixes in this area would be very welcome.

OP is not talking about the “Now Playing” screen. He is talking about the Roon Display feature accessed via a browser or Chromecast.

Hey Stewart,

BTW, you can hide that ugly address bar tab at the top by using this feature -:slight_smile: : How to Add Safari Shortcuts to an iPhone Home Screen

Since I use my iPad exclusively as a Roon Display, I’ve also enabled the “guided access” feature (Use Guided Access with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support) which locks it down to a single app, connected the iPad to a charger, and configured it to never auto lock in the guided access mode.

Hacker19…I have no problem getting the Artist photo to display but I decided to just go back to the Roon Remote app and just have it display the currently playing album. I think there may be a few more tweaks I can make to get rid of some unneeded stuff but for now it will do. Not sure what they had planned for Display mode but it seems to have been forgotten. I don’t see any way to get it to work as I would like.