iPad or MacBook

I’m the trial of Roon and really, loving it. I’m running a current version Mac Mini with audio files on it and Tidal. I run to either a two Chanel system or headphone amp. I know I could use the newer iPads to control it. Could a MacBook Air be used as a “control” for Roon running on the Mini?

Yes, the Mini will show up as system output.

Are you running Roon or RoonServer on your Mac Mini? I would try and run RoonServer for preference, particularly if you are using other Control devices.

Running the trial version of Roon.

The MacBook Air can run as a Remote for any outputs configured on the Mac Mini (like a DAC connected USB to the Mac Mini). Just install Roon and choose “Run As A Remote” during setup.

More information here @Bob_Lasky! Welcome!

I started using a 13"Macbook Air as the remote. Works great. Thinking maybe I should have gotten the 11" instead.

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