iPad OS Bug Collection

Edit: Updated 20210409
I am having a few issues with my iPad Roon Control which is really kicking back onto the Roon experience…

(iPad Pro 12.9" on OS 14.4.2, Roon app Running in Dark mode, both OS and app)

  1. [FIXED] When returning to Roon app after utilizing other apps on the iPad i am greeted with a piercing white screen for a second. You could actually write a sit-com scene around this… Actually, it is very reminiscent of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, the hip neighbours woth the Bang & Olufsen stere set, you know when our hero gets his christmas lights fired up…

  2. [Better, not perfect]When browsing my collection, i am having a terrible visual experience with stuttering and jumpy scrolling. Have a look at Bluesound and Auralic apps for examples of what it SHOULD look like…

  3. [Fixed?] When Roon plays to the end of the queue to an endpoint which does NOT have Roon Radio active, upon reopening Roon you are greeted with sad all black page with the text “nothing to play” or summat along those lines.

  4. [Fixed?] Occasionally the Now Playing view gets stuck, and the “close-X” top left (and the small “collapse” symbol) is unresponsive. Only way to come back to the menus is by clicking the artist or album.

  5. [Remains, but not very often] Occasionally the app closes immediately when chosen from whats running on the iPad.

  6. [Still not working] Why cant i use Roon in portrait mode at 180°? Sometimes i use an external DAC and the cables are better routed from top of the iPad…

These things happen on my iPad 2018 (9.7") also…
And, the purpose of this thread is to get accknowledgement from @support on these issues…

Edit: On the latest build (783) most of these issues are resolved for me. Some remain though.

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Thanks @Mikael_Ollars these are nice concise descriptions. I’ve seen 1-5 on my iPad Pro remote. There are a few niggles that, when combined, do detract from the iPad remote experience.

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One missing:

In dark mode, the menu bar sometimes remains grey instead of also turning black. There‘s a ticket in for that as well.

And then of course: crashes every few minutes…

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I personally don’t see this though. It’s pretty stable in my env. besides the occasional No.5 from the list above.

Again, this isn’t something I’m seeing, not saying it isn’t an issue. @Mikael_Ollars experience is identical to my own.

Agree,for some reason its not a problem for all, but there are several threads with no small number of voices reporting this.


#2 is horrible. The others I don’t suffer from even though I can acknowledge the experience is the same.

Still no feedback from @support? A simple acknowledgement would do just fine?
Next couple of issues are the lack of awareness regarding where in a “list of objects” you are when backing up to the previous view.

  1. You scroll through your library down to, say, the letter “I”, as in Ida Sand. Then you decide that you prefer the landscape mode for the album info and flip your iPad.
    All of a sudden you are nowhere near your selected artist anymore:

  2. When visiting a filtered bookmark, you cannot view an item without being sent back to the top when returning…:

7). I noticed as well but dont think that has been formally recorded as bug.
8.) I had reported and this has been recognized by Roon as a bug

All those beta testers have done a stunning job! Best ever!

I appreciate your feedback on the subject, but i am also one of those Beta-testers.
Along with the others, we also reported most of these bugs during the Beta stages. Sadly, they were not corrected in time for the public release. I can only speculate on the reasons for Roon organizing a forum driven Beta test of a new product, and then not taking adequate measures towards the results of these tests…

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Even more stunning!

NB: I think I heard that story before just keep forgetting as it is so unbelievable :expressionless:

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I experience the very stuttery, jumpy screen on my iPhone XR with current OS and updates.

I saw this in another thread and have also been annoyed by the close vicinity of the “app switching function” in iPad OS and the spectrogram in Roon.

  1. Pleaase make some more room between the track progress spectrogram and the app switcher. Every now and then i advance the track progress when i’m meaning to swith to another app on the iPad…

  2. Not exactly a functional bug, but still; I don’t need/want two icons for my transport, not for my SOtM’s, neither for my Auralic Aries’s… :wink:

I see that too. If I tap on any of those two icons, the app closes.

Thanks for all of the feedback here, @Mikael_Ollars! I just wanted to confirm that we are tracking this feedback and, while I can’t make any specific guarantees on everything, I’ll make sure this feedback get s seen by the team.

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The stuttering whilst scrolling through albums on my iPad is really unpleasant - you need to work on this Roon

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I’d say mine crashes three or four times a day. Quite a lot given that I am not hammering it - I pick a work and listen to it, so it might be half an hour or an hour before I touch Roon remote again.

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I had almost forgot:
9. The iPad app does not provide a “widget” for controlling playback from the lock screen.

  1. The iPadapp does not respond to gestures and control from Magic Mouse 2 and the Magic Trackpad!!!

I might be misunderstanding, but i think these are a fact due to not building a native iOS app, and rather using a generic programming utility?

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“ I might be misunderstanding, but i think these are a fact due to not building a native iOS app, and rather using a generic programming utility?”

Yes. This is becoming a deal breaker for me.

I think this is off the list? I disn’t see it mentioned in the latest release notes, but i think the signal path also has icons for each part now?