iPad playlist disappearing from display

Hi everyone - this is a strange behavior I noticed as I started using Roon on my iPad - is there any way to solve this, or this a weird bug? –

When I use the app to play a playlist, I see the playlist showing in the app, and the current song playing.

If I then leave the app (without closing it) to use another app in the background, when I go back to the iPad app - the screen becomes blank and the playlist disappears - on the song currently playing shows at the bottom.

So to go back to the playlist, I have to clikc the menu botton at the top left and navigate all the way back to it.

This seems wrong. What should I do to fix this?

thanks so much!

Hello @goldwerger, can you tell me what model iPad this is? Also, have you tried reinstalling and rebooting the device?

It’s brand new iPad Air 4

You mean reinstalling the Roon app? No I haven’t tried that will do

Have you experienced this on any remotes, @goldwerger? Is this exclusive to the iPad?

Let us know and I’ll pass this feedback along to our team to investigate further.

@dylan I haven’t experienced it in any other remotes

It just happened again. This time I let music play beyond the album I selected so Roon radio picked up. I picked up my iPad and had a blank screen. Couldn’t navigate “backward”. It looked like this:

Similarly, I was listening to a track in my library. I went to the iPad browser for awhile while listening to music, then returning to the (still open) Roon app toward the end of the song, and saw this blank screen which didn’t let me navigate back to my library:

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