iPad portrait orientation

Sorry to be a pain guys but can be please please look into Roon in portrait for the 10inch iPad pro?

I’m fed up having to keep turning around the iPad to check stuff on Roon

Surely we can even just have the stock iPhone view as a starter as this is fine now under version 1.8

Please can we consider this… it’s really important for me.


Great Job with 1.8. Absolutely love it :+1::+1::+1:

Hi @Adam_Hextall

With Roon 1.8 you should be able to use the iPad in Portrait mode. Are you seeing otherwise? Can you confirm that the orientation settings on the device are not locked?

It does only work in one orientation though when ch also may be the issue. So mine works only with the home button at the bottom of the iPad - which is the “correct” way up but most app work “upside down” as well - not Roon.


SUCH A JOY for portrait mode to work on my other iPads, rather than just on my 12.9 Pro. AT LAST!

Thank-you Roon! :+1:

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Here Here. Brilliant.

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I actually prefer my iPad Mini as a remote now it works in portrait mode, rather than a larger iPad.

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This is especially annoying if you are using a usb c dac to the iPad. Having it “upside down” is more comfortable.


Can’t agree more.

Would be so good if Roon would sort this for us.

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