iPad Pro 11 and Scrubber

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or am I just holding it wrong?

When trying to return to the home screen using the swipe up gesture on my new iPad Pro 11, I am accidentally advancing the scrubber. This results in playback lurching forward; it is an annoyance.

Clearly, this is not an issue with older iPad models that have a Home button.

Try swiping up from lower off the bezel

I have the iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) and have not yet skipped though I am very mindful of it and I can certainly see it becoming an issue for guests.

I didn’t really think I was holding it wrong.

For sure, it happens more frequently when I am not paying attention to my swipes. However, I did try as you suggested, and its not as simple as starting from below the bezel. Surface area is also a factor, e.g., my thumb causes it more frequently than my index finger.

You can swipe up anywhere along the bottom edge … not just where the white line is.

Yes, I do understand that I can swipe up anywhere along bottom edge of the iPad.

I should not have to think or be careful about my swipe-up gestures.

The new iPad Pros reveal a problem with current Ui design. The scrubber should not be placed at the very bottom of the UI.

After a cursory review of other music apps on my iPad (Tidal, Qobuz, BluOS, Onkyo, Pandora, Apple, and Amazon), only one of them has a scrubber as the bottom-most UI element: Amazon. And in that case, the scrubber is limited to ~25% of screen width.

Alternatively, perhaps some gesture detection could be implemented to detect swipe-ups (akin to palm detection). Although I would expect that to be built in at iPad OS level.

I have the same 11” iPad Pro and I don’t recall having accidentally jumped the progress when swiping up. I have big hands and fingers…but swiping to the right to switch apps that sometimes gets me