iPad Pro 12.9 and M1 iPad Pro 12.9 crashes when used as remote for Roon Core

Core Machine

Sonic Transporter i9, 8GB RAM. 7TB SSD, Intel i9 (model 9900 8-core) processor

Network Details

Orbi wireless router, Netgear switch, core and audio device hard wired

Audio Devices

Trinnov Altitude 32 connected via

Library Size

183,732 between local & Qobuz

Description of Issue

I (try) to use an iPad Pro 12.9 as my Roon remote and it is maddening. Having to reconnect every time it’s touched is ridiculous. I also get blank screens, crashes to desktop and app freeze ups (which require a forced closure of the app and restart.). The blank screens have been happening intermittantly for a while now but the crashes and freezes only started happening since this latest release. These things happen right after (or as) the remote has to reconnect so that all seems related. I just received my new M1 iPad Pro 12.9 yesterday and am doing a clean install (not copying from my old iPad) and already have had my first crash to desktop as it was reconnecting. I’m sure blank screens and freezes are in my immediate future. I really like Roon and I really like my iPad Pro but they don’t seem to like each other! Any ideas?


Did you search before posting? There is at least 1 thread with 100+ comments discussing this.

And yet all four of my iPad Pros work flawlessly with Roon. I wish there was a simple way of finding what is different between your and mine, then determining what of those causes your problems. My desktop had problems, but I quickly determined it was a beta of Google Chrome that was causing it, so I uninstalled it and the problems, I suspect that one of your apps is causing the problem, but if true, how do you determine which one?

I find it depends on the memory in the iPad pro. I have an original 11" Pro and it restarts everytime I leave the screen close.
I am not convinced it is just a Roon issue as Apple have a long standing app closing policy. From memory that original iPad only has 2GB of memory and the newer ones have 4GB at least, so they should work better.

I have gone back to using my OnePlus 9 Pro (oodles of memory and is never swapped out) as my main control point and just use the iPad as a browsing device as with the large screen it is well suited to that. Like many I wished it worked better and maybe did not use so much storage for cache either

I have the IPAD 12.9, 3rd gen I think, had it for 1 1/2 years. It works perfectly all the time with the NUC/ROCK server except when the internet is down. I have to use my laptop remote for those times. It is stand mounted about 6 feet from the router in the media closet. I have an adapter for Ethernet so I could try it wired and wireless. I could not tell any difference and just use wireless.

You might try Ethernet one time to see if that makes any difference and rule out WiFi connectivity issues. Just a thought because of the issue with internet outages.

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